Activists warn that religions around the world fuel transgender violence

Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi and J Mase III are holding their fourth #TransphobiaIsASin campaign. (Instagram/@jmaseiii)

A group of activists have invited social media to join their movement to “undermine the religious violence trans people experience every day”.

Edited by Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi and J Mase III black trans prayer book Eliminate toxic religious practices that alienate people in the LGBT+ community. The anthology consists of works by black trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming individuals.

In 2019, the pair hosted their first annual event for the #TransphobiaIsASin movement. The online event highlights religious violence affecting trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming people around the world, especially those from Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities.

Now, on Saturday (January 15th), Dane and Mase will kick off their fourth campaign. In it, they invite anyone who “invests in ending religious (ie: all) violence against trans, non-binary, and gender-expanded peoples.”

“Anti-trans religious violence looks to be more than just demonizing trans people in places of worship,” they said. “It’s the theology that gets around in the mouths of politicians making anti-trans policies.”

They continued: “It manifests as a framework for violence against trans people on the streets, in their families and in the community at large.”

In a post on social media, Dane and Mase explained that they wanted to “bring attention to and undermine the religious violence trans people experience every day”.

They invite anyone interested in attending to take a picture with a sign that reads: “Transphobia is a sin,” “Transphobia is holy,” “Trans is holy,” or “Trans is holy.” It exists because our ancestors “existed”.

The photo should be posted to social media on or near Saturday, and the hashtag “#TransphobiaIsASin” should be used.

Maas told them The book came about because they wanted to do “some conscious spiritual space-creation work” for people in the community.

“This includes black trans people who belong to religious communities, as well as black trans people who have broken out of religious communities,” Mays said.

He added that they knew it wasn’t just his and Dane’s work. As such, the duo brought together “a group of people from across the United States and beyond” to provide their insights for interfaith, multidimensional work.

Dane said her main takeaway from the book was: “Wow, black trans people are amazing.”

“Black trans people are the leaders the world has been looking for,” she explained. “It’s time for some cis people, especially white people, to make way.”

Dane continued: “Make way and inject resources into the community.

“The liberating solution the world has been seeking has been theorized.

“It’s time for the world to truly honor the role that black trans people have always been meant to play: healing the world, predicting the future and birthing liberation.”

Dane and Mase will also wrap up the new event with a workshop on how to heal religious wounds on January 18th.

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