Child’s Play and other level 18 movies you’re too young to regret

You foolishly think you can handle 18 movies at 12. Here are the things you surreptitiously saw that traumatized you for the rest of your life:


The modern remake is pretty creepy, but the original Pennywise was really scary. “What’s so scary about clowns?” You thought when the credits started. A lot, it turns out. In 20 minutes, you’re terrified of clowns and public sewerage and a combination of the two.

children’s games

Everyone at school is raving about their fear of Chucky, but you wouldn’t be afraid of a stupid doll. So you convince your babysitter to keep you up to watch it, then can’t sleep in a room alone for the next three months, and get a new babysitter.


Borrowing a VHS from a friend’s brother, you thought you could go head-to-head with “the scariest movie ever made.” However, between the snarling of the possessed witch spitting at the priest and the catapult of the priest and her head spinning like an infinite owl, you realize you’re a chick, turn it off, and hide the video in drying in the closet.


If you rewatch Alien Now, you’ll find the special effects ridiculous. However, the sight of the alien baby bursting out of John Hurt’s belly made you nearly pee. Over the next few months, your nighttime routine includes checking your closet for big-jawed, drooling space monsters, and checking your face for face huggers.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

have you seen Robocop And reckon you can handle metal machines killing each other, no worries.However, you don’t realize terminator 2 There’s a very realistic nuclear explosion scene, with charred limbs exploding to ashes in the shockwave. Frankly, that’s all too real for a fun summer blockbuster with a Guns N Roses theme song.

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