Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell returns to teaching after Covid staff shortage

A MP is returning to teaching after the government called for help for schools hit by staff shortages.

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell, who was a teacher before being elected in 2015, will be working in classrooms on Fridays in January and February.

In an exclusive interview with Conservative Friends of Education, Ms. Ansell called on other former teachers to join her and make up lessons when staff were unwell.

This comes after Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi called on former teachers to register early this year to help tackle Covid-19 staffing shortages.

Ms Ansell said: “The very day I let people know I would come forward, one of my local schools called and said ‘come and work with us’.

“I know school is stressful, so I said you know obviously French is my subject of teaching, but I’ll step in whenever the situation calls for it.”

She added that she would be willing to teach any age, class and subject and would “do whatever it takes” to keep schools open.

Ms Ansel said he hoped things would be much better by the end of February or early March.

“I think despite the pandemic, this is an extraordinary time, I think society has now recognised the impact of central schools on life, you close schools and everything falls apart,” she said.

In the interview, she talks about how her mother’s teaching career got her started in the profession.

She also spoke about the importance of learning languages ​​and her passion for languages, and shared her thoughts on how languages ​​can help us become a true ‘global Britain’ and prepare children for the international stage.

Ms Ansel said her work as an MP would not be affected by her return to the classroom, as the House of Commons does not normally meet on Friday.

Stephen James, founder of Conservative Friends of Education and a Qualified Teacher, said: “Caroline has led from the front lines and no doubt any school would be lucky to have her on staff.

“I hope former teachers will heed the call to ‘get into teaching’ to help address staff absenteeism.”

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