Exact snow date and arctic blast to be revealed as temperatures dip to -2C amid Bureau of Meteorology fog warning

Cold snap next week

The cold wave could see snowfall as early as next week.

From Tuesday, “cold showers” will be accompanied by freezing temperatures and freezing fog – with the possibility of a white sprinkle.

The January 24 chart shows a 50 to 60 per cent chance of snow in the Scottish Highlands and a 25 per cent chance in northern England.

Mercury is also set to fall sharply, to zero in the south-east, -1C in the Midlands and -2C in parts of Wales.

The Met Office’s long-term forecast for the end of the month to February states: “This period is likely to see a gradual transition to more volatile conditions.

“The northwest is likely to see the heaviest precipitation, especially later in the period, while the southeast is more likely to experience drier-than-average conditions, especially early in the period.

“There are likely to be strong winds, mainly in the north.

“Overall temperatures are likely to be slightly above average. However, some colder episodes are expected, bringing the risk of occasional snow, most likely over the northern mountains.”

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