Mains in Taymouth to partner with eco-friendly supplier in 2022

Mains at the Taymouth Country Estate and golf course in Kenmore further strengthens its ecological credentials.

The estate already has six EON EV charging points for general use, and it now offers Cheeky Panda toilet paper, which is sustainably made from 100% bamboo, in all of the estate’s holiday homes.

The estate’s general manager Pauline McLaren revealed that in addition to helping the estate reduce its carbon footprint, the company is now based in London and has very strong links with Kenmore.

She said: “Cheeky Panda founder Chris Forbes started the company with his business partner Julie Chen, who lived in Kenmore for many years before moving to London to start his own business.

“We are a small community here, so many locals will remember him. He was very kind to our estate owner, Robin Menzies. We are all thrilled that he has done so well with this company and we are delighted to see him through our used to support him and his employees. Plus, we’ve always worked hard to be as green as possible in our business.

‘Toilet paper is something we definitely use a lot, so it’s the first choice for sourcing from a greener supplier. Good to know that we are using something completely biodegradable. The offerings are fantastic and complement our ecological credentials, which also include being one of the first holiday homes in the region to have an electric vehicle charging station on site.

Other products in the Cheeky Panda collection include baby wipes and wipes, tissues, towels, and even straws. In addition to the plastic-free packaging, products like wipes, which were recently named Product of the Year, are also fully biodegradable.

Other accolades for the company include being the first vegan tissue company in the UK to register with the Vegetarian Society and being listed as a certified B company, which means they meet the highest standards for social and environmental impact.

It’s an impressive rollout of businesses that aim to be listed on the stock exchange and continue to ignite the startup world.

Chris from Cheeky Panda said: “I look back on my time at Kenmore with fond memories. Lake Tay, along with forests and mountains, has given me a deep connection to nature, which of course is what I’m so passionate about for eco-friendly brands One reason. Seeing it in use in my old village is very nostalgic and I still really love Kenmore, Highland Perthshire and Scotland.

Pauline added: “We also sell toilet paper in the yard store. We are currently looking at stocking some of The Cheeky Panda’s other products in the near future, such as towels. We want to do everything we can on the estate to be as eco-friendly as possible.

“Our charging stations are well-received by locals and tourists alike. We are delighted to site these on the estate and make sure we tell our electric car guests that they can charge their car here.

Cheeky Panda products are available globally now, and the company supplies products to a range of enterprise customers while selling to consumers online.Products can be ordered at

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